Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Part B of Blog Post #5
At the beginning of this semester I had no clue what a PLN was or how to even begin making one! Now, I have been making one without even noticing I am building it! I started out with getting a twitter account. I followed not only those that were required/suggested to me but I also started following different teaching pages and individuals that could give me advice or resources for my future in education.

One of the main things I love about my PLN is that I have built relationships with my team members in this class. I have also added one of the lab assistants to my network because lets be honest, if it weren't for her I wouldn't be able to do as well in this class. Not only her, but all the lab assistants are heaven sent! I believe that their help could also go beyond this class, so that's why they are an important part in growing my network. I also think that my professors for all my classes should be a part of my network. They all have information and wisdom to share, whether it be from personal experience or from some other source. Their input can help greatly in my future!

 I have learned that a PLN is exactly what you make it. You can add anything and everything to your network. It involves anything that will help you with whatever you would like to know. Of course, this semester, my PLN has been focused on education and my future career in teaching. I am glad I was able to learn about personal learning networks and start building one of my own. It will definitely help with my life as a student and as a future educator!

Project #16 Part A

Technology and Teaching

Technology is always changing, transforming and improving. We believe that technology in the classroom is key for success in getting students ready for college and a career. The earlier we start teaching them technology and working with it consistently, the better. When the students reach college and career level they will need to know technology skills to keep up. The main issue right now is that most schools are unable to provide students with the necessary technology tools. If schools were equipped to aid in technology and teaching, it would revolutionize the way students learn and communicate.

Using Technology and PBL in the Classroom

As a team we discussed how using technology in the classroom has come a long way.  No longer is there just a chalkboard and  notebooks and pencils.  Technology has moved into the classroom. Technology has entered the classroom in two outstanding forms such as smart boards and computers device with all the capabilities that go along with them. With the smartboard, an oral presentation now can have visual material to go along with the lecture. The smart board still has the capabilities of a chalkboard but it gives the student and teacher options of pictures and shapes and even sound to go along with their written material. The computer device in a classroom also changes the dynamics of how learning can be achieved. With the computers devices the students can go to the internet and explore material that their teacher has assigned to them. The internet not only has written material, but the students may also be able to see pictures or even videos on the assigned material for their class.
imagesA smart board and computer devices in the 
classroom has definitely changed the way we perform teaching, but using project based approach to learning is one of the main reasons this technology works so effectively in the classroom. Project based learning approach can be the format to which teachers guide their class through the assignments that she would have given them. The project base learning approach has many benefits.  It can be used by individual students, small groups or even by the entire class. There is no limitation on the degree to which a student can engage in the topic because the internet has a vast amount of information on the subject and related topics given to any assignment. Project base learning has moved the class from pencil and paper to the internet. The class is no longer limited to just the knowledge of the teacher but to the unlimited vast material on the internet concerning the assigned topic. The teacher, as well as the students then both become learners of the given assignment. Technology and project base learning have started an ever changing transformation in the classroom. The only sure thing about technology and project base learning is it will continually be changing the way our students will find new ways to learn.

Blog Post #14

Joel Klein's article, Self-discipline and High Standards Can Secure the Future of Public Schools,  points out a few problems and solutions dealing with the future of teachers.

  • The first issue is that there is not appropriate training for future educators. Prospective teachers need to be better equipped with training programs.
    • I agree that future teachers need better training programs. I believe that it is getting better but we still aren't all the way there. The teaching program is great but I don't think that some professors go above and beyond to equip us with the knowledge that we need to be a great educator. In all honesty, I think that unless we fix issue number two, this issue won't be resolved.
  • The second issue is that teachers aren't chosen wisely. He believes that they let anyone become a teacher. His solution for this is to pick from the top third of education graduates. 
    • If teachers were chosen more wisely, students would get a better education. In part, this goes back to the first issue, if future teachers had more training available maybe their would be more skilled people to choose from. I realize that not everyone is cut out to be a teacher and some people shouldn't even consider it but for those that really have a passion for it should have as many resources and training as possible! 
  • Finally, we should change how teachers are rewarded. Right now it is based on seniority but it should be based on the teachers performance in general. 
    • I agree with this 100%! Teachers should be evaluated and given rewards based on how well they are doing, not just how long they have been teaching.  You could be a mediocre teacher and still get rewarded just because you have been in a certain school for a certain length of time. I believe that you should be evaluated throughout each year that you teach and be rewarded based on that! 

I think Klein brought up some very debatable topics but he makes some good points to back up his thoughts. I hope that one day these issues can be addressed and resolved. If the quality of teachers is low then how do we expect our students to get a good, quality education?  If we fix the issues with teaching then education can can exceed expectations. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

C4T #4 Post #1

C4T #4 Post #1 

Betsy Hubbards blog post, Writing Day and Night, was awesome! She talked about reading (and writing) month which was the month of March. Her school was able to get a local author to come to the school twice to talk to the students about reading and writing.The author, Ruth McNally Barshaw, was able to teach the kids several ways of making a book. She also showed them demonstrations on some of her illustrations for her book series. One of her visits was on family night so the students and their families were able to meet her and get books signed. All of the students made their own books and displayed them for their peers and family members to view!
My Comment:

Hi Betsy!

My name is Lydia Lynch. I am a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. I will be posting a summary of your post and my comment on a post for my blog.  You will be able to see the post no later than April 26th on my blog You can email me at or follow me on Twitter at @lydiaruth118.

I absolutely adore your post! It makes my heart smile reading about your school's reading (and writing) month! I am  an avid reader so any time I see kids getting excited about reading and writing it makes me happy! I think that is so awesome that y'all were able to have Ms. Barshaw come speak to the kids and demonstrate some illustrations. I'm sure this made the students even more excited about reading, writing, and sharing their work!

C4K Summary for April

C4K #8 

Alexa L.

Alexa's blog post, Spring Breakin' :)), was a summary of the trip her family, friend and she took over spring break. They went to Breckenridge, Colorado to ski. They had an eventful trip! Her friend, Henley fell while skiing, they witnessed a boy falling and breaking his arm, and they got a flat tire on the way home! She missed her friends back home but she had a wonderful time and she wants to go back!

My Comment:

Hi Alexa,

My name is Lydia Lynch. I am a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. I will be posting a summary of your post and my comment on a post for my blog. You will be able to see the post no later than April 26th on my blog You can email me at or follow me on Twitter at @lydiaruth118.

It sounds like you guys had a ton of fun on your spring break trip! Your post makes me want to visit Breckenridge! I always miss my friends too when I go out of town, but its nice to know that they will be waiting for you when you get back home! I enjoyed reading about your trip! Keep up the great work on your blog posts!

C4K #9 


Mr. Gardner asked his students to write a blog post about why some people are left handed. Remonda said she thinks that they were either born that way or learned how to.

My Comment: Remonda! 
My name is Lydia Lynch. I am a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. I will be posting a summary of your post and my comment on a post for my blog. You will be able to see the post no later than April 26th on my blog

Great post! I believe that people are born left-handed. Some people can use both hands to write or perform other activities such as playing sports! My dad writes with his right hand but plays golf with his left hand! I think it is so neat that some people have that ability!

C4K #10


On Sulaman's blog post, Helping fit in, he talks about helping an undercover cop fit in. He would help him by letting him know where he should and shouldn't go. He would also make sure he knew what to wear and what people to hang out with.

My Comment:

Hi Sulaman! 

My name is Lydia Lynch. I am a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. I will be posting a summary of your post and my comment on a post for my blog. You will be able to see the post no later than April 26th on my blog

It is nice that you would help the undercover cop fit in. I’m sure the cop would appreciate you telling him where he should and shouldn’t go. Everyone needs someone to be nice and friendly when they are new. Keep up the good work on your blog!

Blog Post #13

Blog Post #13 Instructions

Watch Edgewood Teachers Work to Incorporate Project-Based Learning and tell how they are incorporating health/physical education and what are your thoughts on what they are doing.

Blog Post #13 Edgewood Teachers Work to Incorporate Project-Based Learning they incorporated health/physical education by creating a project for students to create a playground for their school. In creating a playground they had to think about the equipment that is needed to be put in the playground and what physical activities will be done on the various aspects of the playground. I think it is a great project for the students to be a part of. Not only are they creating a means to be physically active but this project includes many other subjects too. I believe it is a wonderful introductory project to help get the students excited about PBL. Creating their own playground and seeing it come to life creates a sense of pride and accomplishment of all of their hard work.